Quote of the Day, 11-28-08

It’s dangerous to assume that we can actually see the future by only looking at the technological advances we’ve made so far. –Octavia Butler

Quote of the Day, 11-27-08


“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Thanksgiving Day is a day devoted by persons with inflammatory rheumatism to thanking a loving Father that it is not hydrophobia.” -H.L. Mencken

Happy Thanksgiving, and may whatever you eat taste very, very good.

Quote of the Day, 11-26-08

“When we debunk a fanatical faith or prejudice, we do not strike at the root of fanaticism.  We merely prevent its leaking out at a certain point, with the likely result that it will leak out at some other point.” -Eric Hoffer, The True Believer

Gotta Love Georgia…

…where lawmakers can act like dicks and pretend that they’re “tough on crime”.  Case in point:

Wendy Whitaker, 29, has been on Georgia’s sex offender list for more than 12 years.  Her crime?  She performed oral sex on a high school classmate just after turning 17.  The boy was just shy of his 16th birthday.  Both were sophomores.

I think, at this point, I must borrow that great line from Charlie Wilson’s War: “Excuse me, what the fuck?”  Tell me, representatives, why is this necessary?  Why?  Why?  Why?  WHY??  She got a blowjob when she was a teenager.  So that puts her on par with vicious rapists?  Excuse me, have you lost your goddamned minds?  Okay, here’s a little simple math for you: consensual teenage blowjob ≠ vicious rape.  It’s just that damn simple.  What makes you think this protects the kids?  How?  Really, I want to understand what weird logic makes you think this way.  Because I don’t know how you can morally justify keeping Wendy Whitaker on the sex offenders list.  And you know what?  You bloody well better justify it very well or repeal it before the next election, or there will be HELL TO PAY, DICKHEADS!

Quick Thought on Dick Morris

I was just thinking, as I left my class just before, about Dick Morris.  This is something that I try not to do, generally, but in this case, it was fairly spontaneous.  I remembered how Dick Morris had been on two consecutive covers of TIME, which is not something that happens very often.  The first one was about how Dick was Bill Clinton’s golden boy, how he had won reelection for Bill, and all that stuff.  Then, the week after that, they ran a cover story about how Dick had done it with hos.  I thought, “Wow.  That fall from prominence didn’t take too long.”  Oh, and I thought about how ironic that a guy named Dick got busted for extramarital sex.  Moral of the story, ladies: Don’t marry guys named Dick, the blatant symbolism of that name is really just asking for it. So now Dick Morris, who was once oh-so-up-and-coming, is reduced to Hannity (pretty soon it will be de jure just Hannity, not like now, which is de facto only Hannity), saying pathetically hypocritical stuff about sexism.  Oh, and writing books with long subtitles.  Rather pitiful, eh?

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make proud.” -Ancient Greek saying

Quote of the Day, 11-25-08

“You know spies, bunch of little girls.” -Sam Axe, Burn Notice

Get Your Funny On: Triple Your Pleasure, Triple Your Fun Edition

I think everyone needs a good dose of funny from time to time, just to be able to keep perspective on how life doesn’t totally suck, and how it’s not all about serious stuff and the like.  Therefore, I hereby present the every-so-often recurring feature, Get Your Funny On.  Today, we get a visit from a motion-sensing pigeon deterrent:

And a double-sided look back at why this election was such a great one for satire:

John McCain: The Person He Is

Osama or Obama

By the way, sorry about WordPress being anal jerkoffs who won’t let me embed from the Daily Show site. Oh, well.