Quick Thought on Dick Morris

I was just thinking, as I left my class just before, about Dick Morris.  This is something that I try not to do, generally, but in this case, it was fairly spontaneous.  I remembered how Dick Morris had been on two consecutive covers of TIME, which is not something that happens very often.  The first one was about how Dick was Bill Clinton’s golden boy, how he had won reelection for Bill, and all that stuff.  Then, the week after that, they ran a cover story about how Dick had done it with hos.  I thought, “Wow.  That fall from prominence didn’t take too long.”  Oh, and I thought about how ironic that a guy named Dick got busted for extramarital sex.  Moral of the story, ladies: Don’t marry guys named Dick, the blatant symbolism of that name is really just asking for it. So now Dick Morris, who was once oh-so-up-and-coming, is reduced to Hannity (pretty soon it will be de jure just Hannity, not like now, which is de facto only Hannity), saying pathetically hypocritical stuff about sexism.  Oh, and writing books with long subtitles.  Rather pitiful, eh?

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make proud.” -Ancient Greek saying

One Response

  1. Sadly, Time missed the point and so did the American people: It doesn’t matter a shit WHO he fucked, just so long as it wasn’t the people, like the last twat we had to put up with as President! Who a man or woman shags has NOTHING to do with whether they’re any good at their job – unless they work for the church!

    When are people going to realise that simple fact? Fucking is PERSONAL and NOTHING to do with how good or bad someone is at their JOB! If a man or woman is the most talented and suitable for a public office, his or her private life has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with that. If we finally figure that out, we might just get someone better than the clowns we usually end up with in office!!!!!!!!!!

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