Quote of the Day, 12-11-08

“There are 80,000 Arabs in the Kasbah. Are they all against us? We know they’re not. In reality, it’s only a small minority that dominates with terror and violence. This minority is our adversary and we must isolate and destroy it. ” -Col. Mathieu, The Battle of Algiers


One Response

  1. Yes. It’s the decent way to behave and the proper thing to do – it’s also a nice idea, in theory.

    However, the real problem in the West is that few people in a position to make any difference still seem not to have read Mao Tse Tung’s writings in which he explains exactly how terror works. It was used effectively in Korea and Vietnam and all over the place, including by Osama BL today.

    The terrorist’s strength is that you (the good guy) cannot and will not do what the terrorist does. Therefore, the people are more afraid of the terrorist than his target and, as a result, the terrorist always has the upper hand and one fearsome and clever terrorist can threaten and control a whole superpower.

    Scary stuff!

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