Quote of the Day, 1-5-09

“The church has a message aimed at sinners (a group that comprises the whole human race), and yet it frequently acts as if only the sinless can be members in good standing.  In practice, of course, since the church can’t manage to exclude all sinners, it cannot maintain that pretense.  So it has settled, at various times and places, for excluding other groups it deems unworthy of membership or office on principle: blacks, gays, women, divorced persons, people who fall outside the parameters of the nuclear family, and those guilty of some currently ‘fashionable’ – and hence usually sexual – offense.  That this is done in the name of high principle is irrelevant.” -Robert Capon, The Astonished Heart

2 Responses

  1. I have always wondered if the leaders of each church (each denomination separately, but equally as guilty as all others) object to various pratices because they feel they are somehow NOT sinners themselves and therefore magically BETTER than the rest of us, or if they’re just bloody jealous of those who are enjoying life more.

    Of course, I still regard them mostly as jerks, either way.

  2. Ironically enough, I found this quote in my church’s bulletin. The guy who wrote it (I looked him up on Wikipedia) is an Episcopalian minister. Admittedly not an Evangelical, but certainly no atheist. Tolerance has to come from everyone in order to be true tolerance.

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