Pimp My Ride: Presidential Edition

The Christian Science Monitor recently ran a profile on President Obama’s (I love saying that!) new ride.  Meet the 2009 Presidential Cadillac Limousine.  It’s a tank dressed up in drag as a limo.  Seriously.  How many other limos have self-sealing fuel tanks, shotguns in the front seat doors, five-inch thick armor (making the doors weigh as much as a 757 cabin door), tear gas cannons, a foldout desktop, a satellite phone, and “[b]ottles of the president’s blood kept on board in case he needs an emergency transfusion.” [emphasis mine]  Wow.  I’d take the shotguns alone, they would be very nice if I got caught in traffic when I needed to get somewhere.  But that other stuff could be handy, too.

Of course, there is a price to this sort of style.  O’s Caddy costs the taxpayers, according to the CSM’s graphic, 300,000 pounds.  Given the current exchange rate, that’s probably close to $400,000, if not more.  That’s one costly ride.  Plus, it only gets 8 MPG.  Remember, though, it is a GM product.  What did you really expect?  I suppose hybrid tech is too unreliable for the Secret Service to chance the President’s life in it.  Still, it’s a darn nice car.


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