Axis of Weevil: Iran Imprisons Freelance Journalist

According to NPR, Iran has imprisoned freelance reporter Roxana Saberi.  Apparently, she was arrested when she tried to buy wine, but that was probably just a pretext.  Iran has arrested several other journalists and researchers in recent years for various reasons, generally on suspicion that they were American spies.  Most of those arrested, like Saberi, held dual Iranian and American citizenship.

I’m not going to overreact and spout drivel about Iran being an existential threat to the United States.  For frack’s sake, we don’t need any help threatening our continued existence.  Even so.  This is Not Cool.  According to the non-profit Committee to Protect Journalists, Iran was, as of December 1, 2008:

the world’s sixth-leading jailer of journalists.

The countries that are worse than Iran?  China, Cuba, Burma, Eritrea and Uzbekistan.  Yes, Iran is in some very savory company there, eh?

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