Get Your Funny On: Prop 8 Edition

All I have to say is…watch this.


BONUS: Oh, and this isn’t terribly funny, it’s just cool:

Get Your Funny On: Triple Your Pleasure, Triple Your Fun Edition

I think everyone needs a good dose of funny from time to time, just to be able to keep perspective on how life doesn’t totally suck, and how it’s not all about serious stuff and the like.  Therefore, I hereby present the every-so-often recurring feature, Get Your Funny On.  Today, we get a visit from a motion-sensing pigeon deterrent:

And a double-sided look back at why this election was such a great one for satire:

John McCain: The Person He Is

Osama or Obama

By the way, sorry about WordPress being anal jerkoffs who won’t let me embed from the Daily Show site. Oh, well.

Quote of the Day, 11-20-08

“And I wonder, where can one find a drug that would make one so delusional?” -Lewis Black, Black on Broadway

Quote of the Day, 11-19-08

“And of course, my favorite, long time London watering hole, the Pimp and Shingle.  Come for the pimps, stay for the shingles.” -Jon Stewart

Annoying, yet somehow, Funny


This is a badger.

This is a badger.

This site has some incredibly annoying “song” about badgers, mushrooms, and a snake, coupled with a flash animation.  It’s cute, and it gets stuck in your head VERY easily, so be careful about watching it if you don’t want to be humming it for the rest of the day.