Rules of the Blog

I’m a fan of free speech, so I’ll try not to limit it too much here.  That said, I would prefer a minimum of courtesy.

All standards are mine to judge.  No whining.

1. No extreme profanity.  The occasional “fuck” or “shit” are fine, and you can say “frak” all you want (if you got that, you are a nurd).  Profanity-filled screeds are NOT o-tay.

2. Please read the post and any article pertaining to it before commenting.  I find that it helps to know what you’re talking about before you start talking about it.  If I or anyone else pwns you because you’re just speaking out of your ass, it’s YOUR FAULT.

3. No ad hominem attacks.  Discuss substance, not how stupid So-And-So is.

4. Spamming is a quick and easy way to get on my bad side.  Repeat offenders will get themselves blacklisted after three or more spam comments. (Added 2-19-09)

5. I reserve the right to add anything to this policy at anytime, without any forewarning.

This is effective immediately, though it is not retroactive.

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