Gotta Love Georgia…

…where lawmakers can act like dicks and pretend that they’re “tough on crime”.  Case in point:

Wendy Whitaker, 29, has been on Georgia’s sex offender list for more than 12 years.  Her crime?  She performed oral sex on a high school classmate just after turning 17.  The boy was just shy of his 16th birthday.  Both were sophomores.

I think, at this point, I must borrow that great line from Charlie Wilson’s War: “Excuse me, what the fuck?”  Tell me, representatives, why is this necessary?  Why?  Why?  Why?  WHY??  She got a blowjob when she was a teenager.  So that puts her on par with vicious rapists?  Excuse me, have you lost your goddamned minds?  Okay, here’s a little simple math for you: consensual teenage blowjob ≠ vicious rape.  It’s just that damn simple.  What makes you think this protects the kids?  How?  Really, I want to understand what weird logic makes you think this way.  Because I don’t know how you can morally justify keeping Wendy Whitaker on the sex offenders list.  And you know what?  You bloody well better justify it very well or repeal it before the next election, or there will be HELL TO PAY, DICKHEADS!