Quote of the Day, 1-22-09

“On the list of things we have to worry about, same-sex marriage is on page six, after ‘Are we eating too much garlic as a people?'” -Lewis Black, The Daily Show, November 7, 2000

Conservatives for Gay Marriage!

Well, conservatives in the sense of “keep that government out of my life” sort.  This article is top-notch, and totally Me-approved.  A selection:

The fact of the matter is that the majority will change its mind. The fickleness of the majority is not limited to same sex marriage – the majority will change their minds on just about every question ever asked of them. Just because the majority wants to oppress a minority, does not mean they should be allowed to. Our government and our constitution is setup in such a way that, where it exists at all, such tyranny can be overcome.


The way people talk about traditional family values, one would almost think that they want the government to tell them how to rear their children. The fact is no one wants to be told how to rear their children. Is it the government’s place to regulate family life?


Want your kids to grow up right? Then do your job as a parent and teach them right.


You want to know if legalizing same sex marriage is going to lead to pedophilia and polygamy? It won’t. Traditional family values legislation might – but gay marriage won’t.


Equal protection under the law is an absolute, inalienable right. America is freedom and opportunity. We are diverse, tolerant, and reasonable. Discrimination goes against every fiber of our being. It is not who we are, it is not what we are, it is not where we are headed. Same sex marriage is on the horizon. It is as inevitable as the first amendment. It is as inevitable as the civil rights movement. It is as inevitable as women’s rights.

Amen.  Read the whole story to get the full flavor of it.

Get Your Funny On: Prop 8 Edition

All I have to say is…watch this.


BONUS: Oh, and this isn’t terribly funny, it’s just cool: