Feinstein Followup

Simple followup, really, to the other day’s disclosure by Sen. Diane Feinstein that U.S. drones may or may not operate from bases in Pakistan.

I’m so, so shocked that Pakistan was railing against American intrusion, while secretly giving a wink and a nudge.  Really, I’m so shocked that I’m…not shocked.  I figured they had to approve, in a subrosa fashion, of these operations.  If they didn’t approve of them in some fashion, they would have actually taken substantive action, despite their supposed puppet status.

Even if it had been Bush and Co. keeping the Pakistanis from objecting in some fashion, the attacks have continued under Obama.  So if the only factor preventing the Pakistanis from actually doing something had been Bush (and I seriously doubt that he’s been keeping them down this past year; did he or anyone else in his adminstration cause fear in the hearts of anyone in the past year?), that has been removed; wouldn’t the drones have stopped by now?

However, I do think that their protest after the ground operation last year was genuine.  I don’t have any specific evidence, but I have a gut feeling that it just went too far for them to even privately approve of.  Drones shooting missiles are one thing; they aren’t physically on the ground.  Despite how much the Pakistani government has bent over backwards to perform for the US government, they do still have a sense of national pride.

Honestly, I’d figured out that the Pakistanis knew several months ago.  I didn’t expect that they might actually be operating from Pakistan.  Let’s wait and see how the story pans out before we really rush to judgment.

(If this doesn’t make much sense, it’s because I haven’t had enough sleep.  I will be getting more momentarily.  Any comments are welcome, and any improvements to my logic and thought would be greatly appreciated.)

This Is The Army For Me…

The German Bundeswehr, to be precise.  Not only are they more likely to be overweight than civilians, they also get gallons and gallons of beer and wine, in AFGHANISTAN!  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Once upon a time, heck, within memory of some living people, the words “German Army” connoted ruthless efficiency and ability.  Even during the Cold War, the Bundeswehr wasn’t that bad.  But this is ridiculous.  Why do the Russians have their undies in a twist about the possibility of the Germans having a bigger military?  Their soldiers are so damn fat they probably won’t fit in the tanks!  Okay, I can understand a college student like me being fat.  I’m not expected to defend my country!  Because there are certain expectations for a soldier.  For one thing, I thought soldiers were at least supposed to make an effort to be fit.  But maybe it isn’t their fault.  Seeing how very few NATO countries have spent the amount on military spending that NATO guidelines ask for, it’s barely possible that they cut back on PT in Germany and spent it on alcohol instead.  And only a few years ago, Europe was supposed to be the next superpower.

Why am I so upset about this?  Partly because the Germans are theoretically supposed to help defend us if something bad happens (It’s in that frickin’ treaty.).  And partly because the Germans have resisted requests from commanders in Afghanistan to move their troops from the relatively more stable north to the volatile south, where they are actually needed.  So the Canadians, and the Brits, and the Dutch, and the Americans down there are taking the brunt of the Taliban’s resurgence, while the Germans are sitting up in northern Afghanistan, drinking tons (literally) of beer and wine.  I’m sure that’s not actually the case, but that’s what it kinda seems like to me.