Ted Stevens is Dead, Long Live Ted Stevens

Well, he’s not actually dead.  He’s still breathing (though given that he’s 84, that might not hold true too much longer), but his political career has been officially pronounced dead today.  And all without the need for an expensive recount.  The AP has called the Alaska Senate race for Mark Begich, the mayor of Anchorage.  Mayor Begich now becomes the first Democratic Senator from Alaska since Mike “Zen-boy” Gravel.  Let’s hope Begich’s ads make more sense.  Incidentally, Begich’s election makes this him the only Senator without a college degree, as well as the first Mayor of Anchorage to become a U.S. Senator.  Congratulations to Senator-elect Begich, and please try to represent Alaska well in the Senate.

Meanwhile, back down here in the good ol’ South, the battle between incumbent Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss is very intense.  According to a reliable source (my mom), both candidates are putting lots of ads out there.  She said that during Jeopardy, there have consistently been at least one ad from each candidate.  Saxby, who is in the fight of his political career thus far, is pulling every rabbit out of his hat possible.  A cavalcade of prominent GOPers will be arriving here in Georgia to stump for Saxby: Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin (maybe), and John McCain.  Boy, those folks sure have records for winning big recently.  On the other side of the aisle, Bill Clinton will be in Atlanta later, uh, today, I guess.  (I’m up late!)  Also, recently freed up Obama aides and volunteers are moving in with a vengance, and the AFL-CIO is sending mailers to its members asking them to pretty please, toss out Saxby.  This appears to be where everyone is taking out their remaining aggression from the campaign.  And on behalf of the people of the state of Georgia, I’d just like to say that we really appreciate it, y’all.  Have a good Georgia day, folks.